From tweens to Millennials, youth culture is bound by one clear fact – they’re connecting and playing in ways no other generation has before.  They respect peer opinion more than brand loyalty.  And they’re always asking ‘what have you done for me lately?’ We’re all about helping you answer that question.

Fuel helps Fortune 500 global brands connect with Millennial and iGen audiences with deep, digital brand experiences that include immersive virtual worlds, mobile apps and social gaming, branded entertainment, interactive multi-screen experiences, interactive rich media advertising, and digital loyalty programs.


As an innovator in cross-platform entertainment, we employ some of the brightest executives from around the world in youth marketing, entertainment, and digital communications.

Their industry experience, and Fuel’s culture of innovation drive us forward in creating amazing strategies and content for our partners.

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Andy Wing

Chairman of the Exec. Committee and Chief Executive Officer

Andy Wing is chairman of the Executive Committee and co-chief executive officer for Fuel Industries, a global youth engagement company based in Los Angeles and Ottawa, providing youth-focused agency services in branded entertainment as well as intellectual property work in entertainment and gaming. READ MORE >


Mike Burns

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer, Founder

In his role as a founding partner, co-chief executive officer and chief creative officer of Fuel Industries, Mike Burns leads one of the most advanced global youth engagement companies, reaching today’s young audiences with compelling digital experiences. In 10 years of leadership at Fuel, Burns has developed a reputation as one of the top creative minds in the industry. READ MORE >


Dave Ozipko

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Creative Director, Founder

As founding partner, Studio Head and Executive Creative Director, Dave Ozipko uses his 15+ years of working with brands to build and maintain Fuel’s team of experts to create rich engaging experiences. READ MORE >


Martin Walker


In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Martin Walker leads the technological side of Fuel’s advanced production studio, ensuring that Fuel continues to remain on the forefront of technological trends, software and strategies. Martin is a seasoned media and entertainment technology executive, with a rich history specializing in interactive media and games. READ MORE >


Jeff Roach

Chief Strategy Officer & Group Executive Creative Director

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Fuel Industries, Roach is tasked with strategic planning and consumer trends and insights surrounding digital experiences for global youth brands. With 20 years in advertising and marketing communications, and a majority in youth marketing, Roach has launched products, developed brands, influenced opinion, and won share. READ MORE >


Jeff Doiron

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Founder

As co-founder of Fuel Industries, a global youth engagement company, Doiron leads the business development and strategic partnership team for one of the most advanced providers of compelling digital experiences in North America. READ MORE >


Anthony Licon

Director, Creative & Product Development

As Director, Creative & Product Development, Anthony leads Fuel’s efforts to create world-class suites of creative technology products. With over 15 years of experience at Disney Company working on core global franchise brands, live action properties, and original gaming I.P., Anthony brings his considerable knowledge to Fuel’s roster of properties. READ MORE >