What we are all about

From tweens to Millennials to parents and families, digital culture is bound by one clear fact – the group we call 'Generation Play' is connecting and playing in ways no other humans have done before.  They respect peer opinion and ignore brand messaging.  And they’re always asking ‘what have you done for me lately?’ We’re all about helping you answer that question. Fuel helps Fortune 500 global brands connect with GenZ, Millennial and Family audiences using deep, digital brand experiences that include immersive virtual worlds, mobile apps and social gaming, branded entertainment, interactive multi-screen experiences, interactive rich media advertising, and digital loyalty programs.

Our agency, our process

We start with client goals and run through an in-depth process of strategy, research, etc etc. leading to creative ideation that combines the best UX and tech with the most stunning and effective design.

And that’s where our studio kicks in – over the past 15 years we’ve taken painstaking effort to build one of the most technologically advanced shops in North America, and the passionate team to run it.

From our THX certified audio recording and production studio to our massive green screen video studio to our emerging technologies lab (affectionately called Playground), we start with client goals, and run through an in-depth process of creative ideation to combine the best UX and tech with the most stunning and effective design.


We work with brands we love

Our clients are the kind of brands we’ve been into since we were kids – and often, we’re still the target demographic. From movie and entertainment properties to toy brands, we distill the brand’s spirit into expert pieces of content that expand audiences and create loyalty.


Get to know our leaders

As an innovator in cross-platform entertainment, we employ some of the brightest executives from around the world in youth marketing, entertainment, and digital communications. Their industry experience, and Fuel’s culture of innovation drive us forward in creating amazing strategies and content for our partners.

Braden Bailey

Chief Operating Officer

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Julie Allen Headshot web

Julie Allen

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Julie oversees the financial operations of Fuel, a Los Angeles and Ottawa based digital agency specializing in youth and millennial engagement for global brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, and DreamWorks.  Read More


Martin Walker

Chief Technology Officer

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Anthony Licon

Chief Strategy Officer

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