Connected Cities VR

Don't just look at data. See it.

The Opportunity

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. To manage this growth cities are transforming their services online to help manage civic infrastructure more effectively. With a growing mountain of data streaming through the cloud, cities have become inundated with a fire hose of data that most departments can’t comfortably handle. Leveraging the power of its Cloud Services, Salesforce is helping municipalities manage this influx of data to connect valued services and departments to citizens when needed most.

Connected Cities VR is a remarkable example how Fuel’s creative vision and technical know-how combine science and technology in a first-of-its-kind VR experience that will help define how we comprehend and manage civic big-data.

Technology and Creative

From the outset Fuel wanted to take a different approach to visualizing big-data. Data doesn’t have to trapped in spreadsheets or analytic charts that abstracted information from the real world. Instead of looking at data from the outside-in, Fuel explored ways to view data from the inside-out. After exploring a host of emerging technologies, HTC’s Vive VR system proved unparalleled in its freedom of movement and control. VR allow us to see and interact with data as physical thing. Mapped in a real city, Fuel’s contextual based system instantly made a profound impact how we perceive and understand data.


The Connected Cities VR showcase was premiered at the Salesforce conference Dreamforce. A massive 170,000 attendee strong conference held each year in San Francisco. The showcase demonstrated live to a steady stream of US Senators, Mayors, City CIOs, and Police Commissioners among others. Some as far away as Australia! Fuel’s contextual based system embedded civic data (311, traffic, and civil services) from Salesforce Government Cloud into a virtual 1:1 model of San Francisco. Freely moving around the city, users could filter through levels of data, and manipulated case management directly. Combined, our solution to data visualization and case management provided real-world context, increased efficiency, and greater insight for city management.

The Reaction

All who experienced Connected Cities VR experienced something they hadn’t experienced before. Inspired to imagine the enormous potential of Connected Cities VR as a real Enterprise tool. Among the more memorable reactions was the testimony from Ed David, former Chief of Police for Boston, who was in office during the marathon bombings:

“…what I just saw is revolutionary for management of crisis and serious events in cities. Even Day to Day operations would be greatly enhanced by this virtual reality in the gaming sense. But I never really thought about their potential assistance in things that happen day to day. In every city across the country utilizing this technology will make people more informed… and really, knowledge is power…”