Dream Place

Bringing the mall Santa tradition to its most experiential level

In a true mall Santa experience for the digital age, DreamWorks Animation partnered with Fuel and installation specialists Parker 3D to bring to life a that goes far beyond sitting on Santa’s lap.

DreamWorks intended to fill a suite of malls across the U.S. with a holiday marketing piece that transcended the tried and true ‘picture with Santa’, and worked with Fuel to create the interactive elements that would pull visitors into a more interactive simulation that would truly bring delight into kids’ eyes. The result is an execution combining tablets, experiential, a virtual flight to the North Pole, and, of course, the payoff: a photo with Santa.

What starts as entering into a Bavarian-style cottage, staffed with ‘elves’, becomes a virtual trip to the North Pole, accompanied by Shrek, Donkey and the entire cast of beloved characters from the movies. Along the way, kids will design their sled on a beautifully integrated iPad app, then play the Fuel-produced game Naughty Or Nice featuring characters from across the Shrek universe.

A digital, experiential installation that took kids on a journey from the mall to a magical North Pole cabin.