Gamifying the mobile development scene


Windows Phone’s OS has been widely reviewed as clean, efficient, fast and easy to use, but Microsoft needed to address the primary challenge: the relative dearth of apps on the platform. Fuel created an inventive strategy for Microsoft that would make it fun and rewarding for developers to do what they already do best: develop. 

Strategy and Execution

DVLUP gamifies the Microsoft development ecosystem by allowing developers to hone their skills, familiarize themselves with the unique features of Windows, and publish apps, all while competing, socializing, collaborating and earning rewards for their work.


Results were staggering and have since caused the program to be expanded worldwide and into the entire Windows ecosystem – over 150,000 registered app developers have signed on, and over 30,000 new apps have been developed specifically through the program so far – new content for the Windows platform impacted directly from the loyalty initiative.