Geox Kids Books

A strategic marriage of product and purpose to let kids' imaginations breathe.

Take one of the hottest new children’s shoe brands, and pair it with the hottest authors in kid literature, and it’s a winning digital combination.

To promote Geox’s kids offerings, the Italian shoe brand approached Fuel to create a content marketing initiative that would delight families while driving to retail – all while fueling creativity and imagination. In order to craft the content, Geox selected the author of the hit Awesome Books series – Dallas Clayton.

With a goal of creating an experience that parents and kids could enjoy together, we created digital books that would draw families into a learning and entertainment experience they could take wherever they went. The storylines were written and illustrated by Dallas, while the digital, interactive app components were re-imagined and developed for tablets by Fuel.

Great for kids between 2 and 6 years old, the ‘Let Your Imagination Breathe’ book series is aimed at nurturing and stimulating the imagination of the next generation of inventive thinkers by supporting children’s natural inclination to imagine, play and dream big. The series is completely free and offers a high quality, child-safe interactive reading experience. While the experience is designed to allow even the youngest of children to enjoy stories by themselves, the intention is for parents to share this fun and educational experience together with their children.

Fans of the book series can take a step outside of digital – and grab the hardback illustrated versions at no additional cost with the purchase of any pair of shoes from Geox Fall/Winter 2015 Baby Collection.

Get the books here for iOS and Android and Windows!