Monopoly Here & Now

It's the most popular board game in America - and now it's on your big screen.



It’s one of the world’s most well-known games, and has cemented itself as part of our pop culture.  But with changing play patterns, the classic board game needed to evolve along with user habits, and Hasbro wanted a strategy that could retain the classic feel of the brand while unleashing it to to play styles and audiences. To bring the excitement of Monopoly into more hands and rooms, Hasbro partnered with us to adapt its Here & Now World Edition into a mobile and tablet experience – and onto Google Chromecast.

Strategy and Execution

Developed an iOS and Android transliteration, and fully playable on mobile devices, the game goes a step further to present a true lean-back experience, allowing players to use their smartphones and tablets as controllers while playing on their big screens.

Players can play together locally via Chromecast or local WiFi, which means all the in-person excitement of family game night needn’t be sacrificed – just made more convenient. This product is part of Hasbro’s overall Google ChromeCast game initiative that includes other popular game adaptations and supporting products across different board game brands – all for a more connected, more fun living room.


Results so far are showing a massive uptake in the big screen edition, sitting at over 4 stars with thousands of reviews on both iOS and Android, and bringing new players into one of the greatest game brands of all time.

Download for iOS and Android today!

Everything you love about the monopoly here & now board game is now on your tv using Google Chromecast!