Pie Face

The massive tabletop hit comes to mobile!


Over the past couple of years, Hasbro has had a surprise hit on its hands (and face) with the tabletop Pie Face game. Featured on TV shows like Ellen to roaring laughter, the toy giant knew that it was time to extend the play experience into new avenues, and turned to Fuel to translate the suspense, surprise and ‘splat in the face’ fun to a digital format.

Creative and Execution

The tabletop game relies on the real-time excitement of group dynamics, the physicality of the ‘pie’ and the suspense of the physical clicks of the game knob. To translate the fun to digital, we had to take advantage of some of digital’s benefits: more options, more ways to play, and the flexibility to challenge friends wherever they are, at any time.

Activating twitch and reflex mechanics, users of the app compete in a quick challenge against their opponent, tapping pies in succession to rack up the highest score for that round – and winner gets the honor of splatting their opponent’s face with one of a selection of outrageous Pie FXes. Using facial recognition technology, the front-facing selfie camera applies the effect to the loser of the round, to hilarious effect.

From Zombie to Caveman to Cyborg, players can unlock and choose from over 10 animated Pie FXs, to continue to challenge their friends, and share the great images on social.