The Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG

A brand new site letting Pokémon fans decide who rules the skies.

Pokémon’s trading card game is a bona fide hit among tweens and teens. To celebrate the sixth and latest expansion to the series, Fuel created an immersive new website to activate the fan community and drive purchase of products.

Our UX and design team worked to develop an architecture that would combine a welcoming and visually appealing site experience with deep content availability – including the ability for users to browse over seven hundred Pokémon without being overwhelmed.

The comple responsive site launched with a March-madness style bracket where fans checked in daily to vote on a weekly challenge between two flying-type Pokémon.

In just the first round of voting, over one million votes were tabulated, culminating in one of the most successful web initiatives from the brand, encouraging repeat visits and engagement.  After six weeks of voting, the winning Pokémon, Rayquaza (Sorry, Charizard) was featured on a custom t-shirt at Hot Topic.


A site to activate the Pokémon community through fan voting, video content, detailed game strategies, and gorgeous visuals.