Acceleration Nation

Speeds that'll make your head spin. A web and mobile experience to match.


The Challenge

Since 1948, NASCAR’s has been a staple of American motorsport, and its races are broadcast in over 150 countries. In order to take its brand experience into new areas and demographics, NASCAR selected Fuel to help it take some key steps into digital youth engagement, to activate new audience through interactivity and play.

Strategy and Execution

The first step was creating the digital presence for NASCAR’s new sub-brand that young fans could connect and grow with – in the process, we helped create motorsport’s first national learning and entertainment platform for kids. Acceleration Nation is a responsive website for desktop and mobile app with a goal of connecting with youth 8-12 years old. The purpose is to engage both current and new fans of NASCAR and to provide a platform for fan development amongst older kids and tweens.

The website features interactive functionality that allows fans to get to know their favorite racers (or become familiar with new ones!) through an easy-to-browse database of racer statistics.

The site and app also include features that makes it extremely simple to keep track of upcoming races, and where to view them.


The Road Forward

Fuel’s path with NASCAR continues as we extend the Acceleration Nation into new spaces through play mechanics and rewards. The 2016 Daytona 500 saw Fuel contributing to Acceleration Nation’s 6,400-square-foot event footprint with a Kinect-powered interactive installation for race attendees. This is play materialized in a physical event space, and the results were greatly increased foot-traffic and visitation. You can read more about that here.

This year will see the initiative roll into exciting new spaces, and onto new devices, as the brand continues its educational work in STEM fields. An ongoing partnership with Scholastic will see the program continue to deliver quality opportunities for kids to learn the science behind the sport, as they play and interact with the NASCAR experience.

With new, exciting suites of functionality scheduled to roll out over the coming year, Acceleration Nation is a fun, dynamic and interactive platform that encourages repeat visits.

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