DreamWorks - Walmart

My DreamWorks Rewards

Helping America's largest retailer bring digital value to its customers

With the goal of creating a new retail initiative to bring value-add to its house brands, Walmart worked with DreamWorks and Fuel to add a digital layer to its shopping experience.

In this innovative partnership between retailer and entertainment studio, shoppers use their phones and tablets to scan special packaging and bring a series of original games featuring Madagascar, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and Penguins of Madagascar characters to life in-store.

With music and rhythm games, puzzles, and creative photo overlays, we’ve built the app hand-in-hand with DreamWorks to create the best quick-session experiences for kids and parents.

The initiative launched with Walmart’s Parent’s Choice brand on baby wipes and pull-up diaper products across the country in Spring 2015.

From in-store to the home, an experience that provides exclusive digital value to every step of the shopping experience.