NFL RUSH Gameday

The Challenge

To football fans, game day is sacrosanct. It’s the moment to gather with friends and family, celebrate a passion, and frankly, just kick back for a few hours. But with viewer habits changing at a breakneck pace, gathering the whole family in the living room on a Sunday can be more challenging than ever.

Timmy’s on his smartphone (are kids still named Timmy?) while Haley’s multitasking on her portable game system. If only there were some stunning companion app to give the whole family some amazingly fun ways to interact while the game’s on the big screen. Well, you’re in luck.

Creative & Execution

Introducing NFL RUSH Gameday – the brand new, official way to take football excitement onto mobile devices, during games themselves, and beyond. While the live game plays on the TV, the app is fed with live data that activates special mini-games, video highlights and replays, and interactive learning experiences based on real plays from the game. The platform allows families to co-play with a companion experience that enriches the game day fun in new and interactive ways that simply haven’t existed before for America’s favorite sport.

NFL RUSH Gameday also invites kids to customize their own avatars, watch awesome videos, and unlock cool digital gear from their favorite team. With a host of activities to do, both related to the game, and available on the app anytime, NFL RUSH Gameday is a piece of innovative tech that brings kids into football experience like never before! We’re honored to have been a part of bringing it to life, and can’t wait to see how kids and families get into it- head on over to the Apple App Store, Windows Store or Google Play to get it for your favorite device before next game day!